At first Sergio Petrelli wanted to become a musician,
but after playing with several rock bands in the Italian
music scene of the 70’s, he saw no future for that.
After the guitar, photography was his other passion.
One day he took the decision to abandon music
and he started seriously to study photography.
Born in Naples, Italy he was trained as a photographer
in Rome by Guido Vanzetti, one of the most
experimental photographers at that time.
For more than forty years he has been busy working
as a successful advertising and editorial photographer
in Rome, Toronto and Geneva.
Computer expert, the digital revolution and a
new pace of mind have pushed Sergio to create many
bodies of work based on his travels, including the
Netherlands, UK, India, China, Tunisia, Norway, France, and Italy.
Although the sites are diverse, the work is unified by a
great feeling for abstract form, and a particular
feeling for water. While some of his images are
heavily processed and manipulated, others are just the
result of his master use of color.